(Sorry for taking your joke, Noi. D:)

So, welcome to part of version four of Disc Read Error: Insert Disc 2! I say part because we still need the Custom CSS to go and finish the theme off. You know, to make it nice and pretty and actually make these links green or something, but alas, I’m poor and I can’t even afford to make this blog look pretty yet.


That will come in due time.

Anyway, as you can see, version four is The Legend of Zelda. This was primarily Ren’s choice and I’m not complaining. No one has done this theme, and I get dibs on Wolf Link (insert lawl furry joke here).

So classes have finally started up for me and I’m liking most of them so far. It’s only Wednesday and I’m already reaching the end of my school week. Hooray for only going for three days~ Gotta jump back from last semester though, did terrible and I’m not happy about that. I feel lousy that I did that bad anyway.

So gaming? I’ve actually taken time this week to work on Borderlands. A game I promised a friend of mine that I would go and beat. Decided that I would go and do that and according to the FAQs, I’m about two missions away from . I’ve enjoyed the game pretty thoroughly, so I’m definitely going to do it again with another character. Probably the Hunter or whatever since he seems interesting enough. I’ll probably get that done tonight after classes since I really have nothing better to do.

Oh, I actually decided to catch up on some animu. So Gurren Lagaan has been top priority. Just finished Episode 17 before my class started, so I’ll probably finish that up eventually as well.

I guess this post is just for the sake of semi-christening the new theme. We don’t have footers this time. I almost forgot that. o__o

Until then, later~


8 Responses to “Mach #72 – ROW ROW FIGHT THE WAFFLES”

  1. It’s so pretty.

    We are all poor adults/college students here (except Reb, lol.)

  2. When I heard that the next theme was going to be The Legend of Zelda, I was like SWEET I WANT TO CLAIM FURRY WOLF LINK.

    And then Ren told me that you already took him. D:

    Either way, looks good so far! :3

  3. Apology accepted, sirr.

  4. “insert furry joke here”…so are you asking to be yiffed with a joke?

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