Mach #74 – In Waffles and Pancakes

So it’s been dead lately, huh?

Couple of new games for me to play, and so little time to play all of them. Considering there’s a lot of other things I’ve had to balance lately, it’s been pretty intense.

I also have to stop blowing off so much money on random things. Arcades and relationships are so troublesome considering I don’t have a job either. The lack of money and the fact I have to save up for things bothers me…

I seriously can’t wait for my birthday…

At least then, I’ll be able to start saving up for a PS3.

ANYWAY, rant time!

[ final fantasy xiii ]

In which Vanille's voice annoys me.

So I decided to buy it on release day, played it for two days, and haven’t touched it since. Like many of my other Final Fantasy games, I’ve bought them and decided somewhere along the way that I’d get back to it. So why am I not playing this? Like many of my other excuses, there are other games I’d rather do instead of plugging all my time into this.

However, based on what I’ve played, it’s definitely a different experience from the other Final Fantasy games. Let’s not lie to ourselves. The battle system is REALLY similar to Final Fantasy XII, a battle system I wasn’t too fond of, but I really don’t know what dragged me back to this. Perhaps the fact that you only get raped by a set amount of enemies at a time as opposed to them just waltzing right into your battle as you’re about to die. I suppose that I like it better. But I have a couple of problem engaging myself into the story. Maybe it’s just Vanille’s voice that’s throwing me off, but I’ll eventually get over that.

I mean, I got over Fuuka’s voice in Persona 3, right?

I don’t really have much to say in terms of this game since I haven’t really gotten too far.

[ mass effect ]

So this was the game I decided to play over Final Fantasy XIII. Why? Sousuke knows the deal:

Garrus is a sexy beast.

But aside from that, it’s my fourth dip into the game. Out of attempt number four, this is the first time I’ve gotten past the first half-hour of it. I suppose that people were right though. It DOES get better after you get off the first planet. These characters are pretty awesome… According to everyone Garrus and Wrex is the best team to run with. Ironically, they’re my two favorite characters so far in this game.

As of now though, I’m caught in a frustrating boss battle against on Feros. Garrus’s lack of a shield and the fact then moment someone touches you, you die is pretty damn frustrating. However, I decided to indulge in this more since I could play for a short amount of time and save whenever I need to. Aaaaand, I suppose everyone was playing Final Fantasy. I like guidance from others when I’m streaming some games, so I’m just waiting until more people learn more stuff about the game.

[ pokémon soul silver ]

Because of all the time I’m away from home, this game has been quite the little savior. Despite this being a remake of a game made ten years ago, it still felt new to me. Considering I haven’t played it in years, it was nice to revisit a region I haven’t seen in a while. With the graphical upgrades from the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum series, as well as all the main features what made these games amazing in the first place, it definitely makes this game completely worth playing.

A big part of this game is definitely the Pokéwalker. I feel like such a little kid again because it’s like I’m dragging around a Tamagotchi again. The fact that you can collect various TMs, as well as Pokémon in the walker is a great way to extend game play out of the DS. I’m actually pretty impressed with this.

[ pax east 2010 ]

My excuse to extend my Spring Break state of mind.

So, a very exciting weekend for me as PAX East 2010 is hitting the East Coast and I’m going to it! I’m pretty psyched since I’m leaving tomorrow with several of my friends. While this is going to be a fun weekend for myself, to convince my parents to let me go, I had to triple whammy this as a school project as well. With my Photography class, I could get a bunch of great shots around the convention itself and the city, and since I tossed up that I would do a review for the school newspaper, so I’ll be writing that as I go along. I’ll probably post the slightly adjusted version when I’m finished with it.

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin on the panels I want to attend. I’ll probably just wait until I get there and then just let my instinct flow from there to help me decide on what to do.

And I’m starting to get antsy thinking about what to write now, so I’ll probably stop here. Alongside the PAX East review, I’ll probably come up with another rant about what I’m considering to buy in the next few weeks or whatever.

Until then, later~


2 Responses to “Mach #74 – In Waffles and Pancakes”

  1. o garrus u ❤

  2. garrus is a sexy beast. ❤

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