Noi – Chronicles of Adventure #3

Day Three, Four and Five of Noigar’s adventures in Vana’diel.  I may be a little off with some of the events given the time that’s gone by, but the events are there.

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DAY THREE – Pants are Important

I have pants! Also, we finally got ourselves a linkshell. Just thought it should be worth mentioning.

I miss the breezy feeling.

While Forky and I were having some issues on funding the Linkshell, an unexpected donation from a passerby ( a generous 5,000 gil donation at that) let us create the linkshell without too much of a hassle.  Again, the charity and hospitality of the Vana’diel citizens continues to impress.
In addition, we were finally joined by Xavean, the Hume Red Mage… Though his appearance today was rather short, since by the time he made it to us, he had two Orcs chasing him, which ended our meeting rather abruptly. He promptly logged off after that.


The rest of the day was spent killing Hares and selling off the Auction House.


Given the amount of gil raised during Day Three, Forky had managed to pick up some new rags to replace his cheerful green clothing with a dark, edgy demeanor.

FFXI - American Version

It was rather uneventful until later in the night, when Lilykun joined in. We had the brilliant plan to head to the Valkurn Dunes, which is the prime leveling spot for our levels. Excellent, except for one problem.

Things in the dunes like to kill you. Quickly.

Eventually we made it to the actual area of the Dunes we wanted to be at, though it ended being a terrible idea. There was no one there to party with, which made Forky have an existential crisis over whether or not Sylph was the right place to be. This was averted the next day.

Finally, to make up for the waste of time this trip had been, we decided to stop by Bastok, home of the Hume and metalworks and what have you. To do so, we had to travel through both some Highlands, and Gustaberg, which was the area right before Bastok. I didn’t even bother taking screenshots for this trip because it was so dull. Just imagine a wasteland as far as the eye can see, a mountain maze we had to traverse, as well as monsters that wanted to kill us on the way.

Oh, and we didn’t have a map of the area either. Excellent.

Once we DID get to Bastok, it was a ghost town. We were the only people there, and well… the atmosphere wasn’t exactly uplifting.

I feel sorry for Cid having to be stuck here.


I made use of my time in Bastok by getting new equipment. I felt dirty.

After a long trek back to San d’Oria, we were ready to try out these new Field of Valor events that are apparently in place to help low-level characters out. We were joined by Vioz the Hume (Eltipejoloco), although he wasn’t able to join us since he had just started, so he went off to adventure on his own. In the end, it was me, Forky, Lilykun and Xavean on a quest to slay the demons.

But before that, we went out to see some Chocobo races.

"That'll be 50 gil please."

Sadly, I had spent all my gil on equipment, so I only had 4 gil on me.


That aside, we did set out on adventure. We had our share of events, what with Xavean going and getting himself killed, having a White Mage conveniently pass by and raise him.


And of course, there was also the time when  we all got wiped out by a Pixie. That was amusing.

By the end of the trip, we had to go by the lake to slay some crabs and sheep. We took a moment to relax by the lakeside after all our hard work.

It's actually a pretty cool shot, too.

But then suddenly…


The dying wails of sheep could be heard all throughout the night.


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  1. I feel so left out lol


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