Seiyuu Spotlight – Rant #1 – Those new seiyuu..

I’m not sure whether anyone reads this or not, and I don’t particularly care, anyway. Glad to know Noi is keeping this place alive again with his interesting Adventure Chronicles! By the way, when did we get 50k hits? And so much for ranting about Anime Boston (which I attented, recently) because I did not visit many panels at all. My first anime con and I was absolutely clueless. Next time, I will cosplay! And as Naoto!

I would have put this as just another rant, but it is specifically about seiyuu, so I thought that I might as well post it under this section (or both).

I’ve been really lazy with anime recently, so I haven’t been watching many. I finished Neon Genesis Evangelion – an anime I was way overdue for – before I left for Boston. It was.. very strange. I liked it, but the ending was just ridiculous. Rather than positive character development, they seemed to just exploit the shit out of all of the characters’ weaknesses until they went insane. Wanting a solid conclusion, I proceeded to watch the movie. Also.. ridiculous. The voicework in that anime was splendid, though. Classic seiyuu in my book, but hearing Megumi Hayashibara do such a subtle voice (Rei) was really nice. I have this hard impression of her voice because of Ranma-chan. She sings great, though.


I haven’t seen anything for Spring 10 as of yet, aside from K-ON!!
And so when I mention that anime, I have to talk about the seiyuu, or more specifically, Yoko Hikara and Aki Toyosaki. They really do wonderful jobs as Mio and Yui respectively.

In fact! We all thought Aki Toyosaki could sing when we heard the 1st opening to K-ON!, Catayake Girls! Unfortunately, Toyosaki managed to murder that impression after hearing the opening to the second season. REALLY! Just awful! She sounds like a damn chipmunk! I really tried hard to like that song, I really, really did.

At least Yoko Hikasa’s singing makes up for it. Don’t say “lazy” is great, as well as the second season’s ending song. She sounds great, might even be the next Nana Mizuki or Maaya Sakamoto with enough practice, fame, and dedication! Although, Sakamoto pretty much debuted as a child! In fact, her debut role, IIRC, was Hitomi from Escaflowne whom she voice acted at the age of 16 and even sang the opening song for it.

Anyway~ Aki Toyosaki and Yoko Hikasa did wonderful roles in K-ON, it made me want to listen to their other roles.

You know, I was planning to watch Seikon no Qwaser, either way, but when I found out that a ton of my favorite/liked seiyuu were going to voice act in this anime, I was excited!

Ayako Kawasumi, Aki Toyosaki, Yoko Hikasa, Aya Hirano (lol), unexpectedly Mai Nakahara and Yukari Tamura (DAMMIT, WHY), Susumu Chiba, Ai Shimizu, argh, it’s depressing! It’s so dirty! They all moan so, argh!!

Right now, I’m waiting for episode 14. But the uncensored version.. because the censored version sucks and that’s a fact.

Actually, it’s kind of gross. No, it is gross. This anime has every fetish out there, seriously. Alright, most Japanese fetishes. What leaves me in aghast, however, is the fact that a lot of favorite seiyuu do their roles so enthusiastically!

Let me start off by saying that every girl moans in this anime. Something sexually oriented happens to every girl in this anime, whether they’re welcoming it or not.

Ayako Kawasumi plays the stuck-up ojousama in this anime. Despite the actual character being a bitch, she does a wonderful job portraying her. I’ve never heard her expose such a rotten, angry voice before. 😮

Aki Toyosaki, oh Yui. Yes, Toyosaki still plays an airhead. She plays Tomo, an extremely retarded, big breasted girl. She’s hilarious. She’s an airhead. She sounds like Yui. End of story.

Aya Hirano. Oh, Aya. I hated your voice for Haruhi and Misa. Really, I did. But then you kind of redeemed yourself with other roles, such as Reira from NANA and Konata from Lucky Shit. I ended up liking/hating her voice, but at the same time, believing that she was overrated. I never really got excited when I saw her in the cast list, but after hearing her in this anime… she’s just too funny. She plays a little Russian girl. Or to be more specific, she plays Ekaterina Kurae a.k.a Katja, a self proclaimed “queen”, or “princess,” rather as well as a sadistic gothic lolita. She is such a badass. Really, she is. She steps in when Sasha (I love this little shota, btw) finds himself in trouble and always(or most of the time) manages to kick ass. She also makes everyone her bitch. She collects slaves and tortures them, bondage, etc. And here is where we get to Hana, played by Yoko Hikasa.

Yoko Hikasa. Oh, Hikasa. You sounded so great as Mio! Not that you don’t as Hana, but argh! Did she deliberately pick such a perverted role? I wonder if these seiyuu are embarrassed. But then again, that’s acting for you. Anyway, this is hard to describe if you haven’t seen the series yourself. But, either way, Hikasa plays the class bully, Hana. Yes, she plays a bitch. Literally. Hana becomes a slave, condemned to Katja’s torture as the M to her S&M. It’s crazy to watch these scenes, but it’s hilarious. What just gets me is that she is voiced by Yoko Hikasa. She does excessive moaning, Hana herself is a twisted person (pedophile, and all that) but what’s strange is that she actually enjoys it. She enjoys her torture! Hearing Mio baffled at Ritsu’s tortures will no longer make me laugh! Because I’ve heard all I need to from Hana, and it’s just weird as hell. Oh, Hikasa. Oh man, she’s absolutely hilarious in the preview for Episode 10. WATCH IT:

Oh, Mai Nakahara and Yukari Tamura have their own equally perverted crazy roles as the twins that want to be tortured, raped, and beaten by their “master”. Way to portray freaky sadists. Oh well, they’re Higurashi girls so it’s okay, I guess.

Not enough boy moaning in this anime.

Also, they might as well all say that they’ve voice acted in a hentai anime.

At least the ending songs are good.


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  1. I actually have the screen shot for 50k. I’ll be posting a mini-announcement in due time or whatever.

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