Mach #76 – Stealth Rock

For a person who like Fire and Flying types, this kind of attack will actually be 4x effective against me. Ironically, it’s somewhat appropriate considering this week I’ve been freaking out a whole bunch. Why? Finals. Simple enough reason.

I got a couple of updates and stuff. Apologies for being dead as of lately.

So first off, I was finally graced with the opportunity last week to finally meet the co-owner of this blog in the flesh. While I actually had other things to do that day, we did actually chill for a while. So, it was nice to meet you, Ren.

Game updates as of lately? Two games beaten in the last month:

Pokemon SoulSilver: This was pretty much a given to beat. Considering a bunch of other friends had it and were playing it along side me, I had to keep up. Naturally, I raised a Lucario early on in the game via Egg Trade from Pokemon Diamond, and ran with my starter. Experiencing the game all over again ten years after the original was a pretty great breath of fresh air. I have to admit, this was one of the more challenging Pokemon games in the series. Simply because of the length and the amount of stuff you’re able to do in this game. Plus, Lance and his three underleveled Dragonite early on in the game. Seriously, what the fuck?

To-Do List

Decide on a battling team. Currently, the only ones I’m even considering keeping my Lucario, Rou, and my Aerodactyl, Meteor. My Typhlosion, Pyre hasn’t really been stepping up. Move pool feels a little dead. My Gengar, Garow, I’ve lost a bit of interest in… I dunno. I’m looking to get a Yanma in my game and eventually make it a Yanmega. I haven’t had a grand bug Pokemon in my team since… Ever. Looking to get a dedicated Surfer as well, but haven’t really decided on a good Water-type to lug around. Flying Pokemon is within question also. Meteor is a sweeper. I’m not giving him Fly… Decisions will come later.

Finish up the Pokeathlon. Decided to just drill everything out one night out of boredom. Apparently, you earn an extra star on your card when you beat all the course records… When I looked, I only had three left, so I’ll get that done soon.

Come up with a fancy nickname for several back-up Pokemon. I like nicknaming all my Pokemon. Not the ones I keep in storage, but the Pokemon I’ll actually use somewhere along the line. This usually seems to be the hardest part of the game and pisses me off heavily.

The other game I beat? Naruto: The Broken Bond. I’ve been quite a Narutard lately. Finally catching up on the manga and currently watching the anime to see everything I read in action. I beat the game on the hardest difficulty just so I wouldn’t have to trudge through it again. Took a while, but I finally got done with it. If you’re wondering, Path of the Ninja storyline goes from the beginning of the series all the way up to the attack on Konoha after the Chunin Exam. The Broken Bond picks up immediately where the last game left off and goes from Sarutobi’s battle against Orochimaru to Naruto and Sasuke’s epic battle, just before the Shippuden arc starts plot wise. Overall, the game covers the whole plot of the original game with a couple of pointless extras tossed in.

For the most part, I enjoyed them. Battling system in both games could use a little work, but they both were tolerable. I like how the game makes you use jutsu in part that you have to hold the R-trigger and use the two analog sticks to issue commands. The way you attack was pretty interesting as well. From QTE’s, to aiming with both analog sticks, to a one-shot aiming system. I like the jutsu system, the battling system, could use some work, but overall, if you like the series, they’re worth playing.

Definitely wait for a price drop. I paid $27 for The Broken Bond and $17 for Path of the Ninja. The Broken Bond isn’t worth $27. Ultimate Ninja Storm is worth it’s asking price, but The Broken Bond should not cost that much right now.

New acquisitions as of recently? I finally own my own copy of Mass Effect that I won’t trade away this time. I have Lyndis to thank for this. She was looking to get rid of her copy and I happily got her a copy of Final Fantasy XII to trade to her for the game~

Hopefully, sometime this week, I’ll be able to purchase Super Street Fighter IV for the 360. $40 is a great price and the game has been completely worth it based on what I’ve played.

So on another side note, I’m currently working on a stepfile pack for an anime convention I’ll be staffing at next month. It’s going to contain a pretty abundant amount of anime and gaming music, but I’m at a loss for what I should actually step. Can anyone recommend me some thing you could dance to and stuff? I’m open to suggestions.

Well, hopefully you guys can help me out.

Until then, later~


2 Responses to “Mach #76 – Stealth Rock”

  1. Music to dance to that is anime related. I would have to say some Utada Hikaru and Vocaloid music, but then again I don’t know much about dancing!
    Great post though, glad you enjoyed Pokemon and Broken Bond.

    And I downloaded Mass Effect on the PC in March and haven’t gotten around to beating it yet, but I have been enjoying it. It’s only a matter of time before I get around to finishing it I guess. I feel like I have to beat Mass Effect before I start Mass Effect 2!


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