Mach’s AniMarking #1 – Yes, I actually watch anime.

I do. It’s been ages since I’ve actually taken time to sit down and watch them, but considering my friends have a little anime night at someone’s place every week, it’s good to watch new animes as well as catching up on old ones… And also discovering old animes I never knew was so god damn good.

It’s actually been a while since I’ve sat down with some anime series and actually stuck to them, I’m actually happy that now I have something to talk about on this rather dead blog… Plus, I’m kinda itching for a new theme. Mainly because I do want to use a different avatar. I have ideas if anyone on the blog wants to talk about it.

There will be a couple of spoilers in these little AniMarking entries. So I’ll be using that page break thing, as well as just talking about what I’ve thought about the anime so far. As mentioned in the description for the category, I realize I’m not the best reviewer ever, but ironically, that’s all I’ve pretty much ever written for my college’s school newspaper. <__<

Regardless, I’ve been watching three animes as of lately: Naruto Shippuden, NANA, and Angel Beats!


Let’s start with the first one I’ve mentioned, Naruto Shippuden. I’m already all caught up with the manga, but it’s nice to watch everything nicely animated out and seeing all these battles in action. As of now, I’m only on Episode 20 and slowly working my way up. I can’t help but think how much of an idiot Naruto is.

It’s pretty much the same old shit over and over again each battle…

“What? [NAME HERE] is in trouble?!” yelled Naruto as he discovered a friend of his was in danger. He quickly rushed to the scene pulling ahead of his teammates.

“Nartuo! Don’t be wreckless!” Kakashi yelled to him. Despite trying to be reasonable, Naruto refused to listen. [NAME HERE] was in trouble, he had to help him no matter what. After a mad rush, Naruto finally reaches [INSERT BATTLE LOCATION HERE].

Being the stupid, wreckless character he is, Naruto bitches and yells about what the enemy is doing is wrong and should immediately be stopped. Of course, an episode worth of conversation about how this person came to be and discussing the possibility of a weakness RIGHT in front of hte enemy.

Like he’s not gonna figure that one out. Rinse, repeat. Same shit.

But at least it has Asuma~

So I’ve also been watching NANA lately also. My friends and I just so happened to start watching this by chance since Funimation had started dubbing it. The first four episodes we On Demand for Comcast Customers and we decided to start watching it. Little did we know that we would all get hooked into the series.

As of now, we’re on Episode 40. I’m pretty much liking a lot of things about this anime despite it being a shōjo series. My friends and I knew this WELL going into it, but I do have to admit it’s pretty entertaining. The music, for one thing, is superb. I’ve honestly fallen in love with most of the TRAPNEST tracks that have appeared in the anime. The album is currently looping on my iPod.

Hachi Nana’s crazy ass relationships and pride and ambition for the singer Nana, and all the DDR references we can throw out at Yasu and Naoki have made this entertaining for me and my friends. At this point, I’m really wondering if Hachi Nana is really going to stay with Takumi despite the cold bastard that he is.

God, I sound like such a girl trying to describe this series. Let’s move on…

Anyway, last one is Angel Beats! An odd cross between a serious and comedy anime with a splash of Persona and the craziness of the random English TK blurts out makes this one anime I’ve bothered to keep up with.

Scheduled for 13 episodes, the series is still on-going in Japan. The whole thing has been a crazy ride just watching it. Mainly to the point where I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Two Tachibanas? What will happen to her if anyone so happens to befriend her? What the hell is Otanashi’s first name again? And will we ever get a flashback on TK’s history?


Anyway, enough ranting for now.

Until then, later~


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