Mach #77 – Deader than Dead

So if it hasn’t been painfully obvious, the Backloggery blog scene has been a little dead. Not really surprised myself, but I don’t really put much of an effort myself to keep this blog alive.

Let alone try to write a story, but I’ll save that for another time.

However, from time to time, I do have some stuff to rant about, and I could always find salvation in my blog to release some steam about every day life and at least mention what I’ve done in terms of gaming and anime in the last month or so. Might as well christen this as the first post of June as well.

So let’s get started, shall we?

As you might’ve noticed, I’ve got a new avatar. Why? No particular reason. I can’t seem to come up with a cohesive theme for the blog, so I’m going the route every other blog did when they started and just chose characters they liked in particular and rolled with those sets of avatars for a while. No surprise here, mine is Kiba from the Naruto series.

As far as gaming has gone, I’ve touched into a couple of games, played some games more than I should’ve, and saw easy opportunities with other that I might not have noticed before.

I recently touched back into Kirby Super Star Ultra. For as long as I could remember, I’ve had the hardest time beating the last unlockable game, that being The True Arena. Something about it just severely pisses me off and I really wish I was good enough to even remotely get through the Final Four. Furthest I’ve gotten has to be up to Wham Bam Jewel. What an annoying fucker of a boss. Otherwise, I’ve had no such luck even TRYING to complete this game. In due time, it will happen… In due time…

I’ve been playing a lot more Modern Warfare 2 lately as well. More or less a good thing, I supposed. I’ve nulled it since I have absolutely NO interest in beating the campaign. The only reason I ever really got the game in the first place was to play some multiplayer online. I have a blast playing with friends, but it frustrates me to no end playing alone. I really don’t know how my friend does it though… He’s a legit 9th Prestige: Level 54 and he puts up with so much shit this game has to offer in terms of it being cheap to no end and all the horrible strategies that people use.

Yep, because One Man Army + Noob Tubes are the greatest strategy a man could ever think of. Fuck them and fuck most of the perks in this game.

Pity, I’m just a lowly Pre-Prestige: Level 46. 😦

Recently, a friend of mine went and rented a game. A game we all know was SAW. I didn’t really think too much of it as a game. Mainly because I could only imagine what they could do with all these elaborate puzzles in a movie and translate it into a game. I have to say, the game was fairly interesting and if I ever get the chance to finish it up, I probably will.

Why? The achievements are so fucking easy. You get 40g for surviving the very first trap and you get 10g for the first kill with various in-game weapons. The game itself is very straightforward and the puzzles will get you thinking. I will admit that I’ve struggled on a couple of them myself.

God damn electrical gate with the third victim. Fuck you.

Anyway, enough of that from me. I’ll probably get some sort of anime update by tomorrow or something since my friends and I will attempt to wrap up the last of NANA… Meaning the second live movie.

Until then, later~


2 Responses to “Mach #77 – Deader than Dead”

  1. Alex Simpson Says:

    I find your blog rather interesting to read, keep it up :’D
    I really wish I could find something worth writing about in my blog too. ;A;
    I think I might start another one when I get the chance and keep it alive, I do enjoy it but.. I don’t have the time x)
    I saw your Backloggery profile, ok imma go and sign up over there just for the sake of it. Oh and, hi. 🙂

  2. Jelly Soup Says:

    I hear you about the blog scene around BL these days. The one blog I’m on is completely dead as are the few other that I read.

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