Mach #78 – Boiling, but not melting.

So the blog is still dead. No surprise here, but I do have a lot of stuff to talk about as of lately. Mainly good things and good gaming endeavors. It’s still party my blog, so I still have some sort of obligation to go and post.

Anyway, new developments since the last post.

Firstly, I got my job back at the arcade. According to my manager who asked me to come back in the first place, someone at the arcade keeps closing the arcade earlier on Saturdays than it should be. It’s not just a half hour early or something, it’s a whole two hours. Why? Because her idiotic husband would rather have a life instead of doing her job. Being partly fed up with it, my manager asked me to take over her shift on Saturday nights and all day Sunday. Being jobless from the time he let me go, I was happy to agree. While it’s still a little bit above minimum wage, I’ll take whatever I could get.

Second, I’ve actually indulged longer than one hour into a game. Lately, I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Origins, a game I’ve been infinitely curious about ever since word of the game reached my ear. Thanks to a friend of mine, I’ve finally gotten the chance to play it. The game moves like molasses, and there’s a shitton of dialogue, but I’m enjoying every second of it.

Hilariously, I’ve been playing the game to get this ONE scene in particular. For those familiar with the game, it involves a certain character and many lulz. I’m particularly aiming for that one.

Regardless, I’m having a ton of fun with the game. The story is pretty engaging, and everything you do affects someone in the story. Occasionally, I wish it would move faster, but hell, I do want to do multiple runs of this game, so one day at a time?

Thanks to the current Steam deals going on, I’ve gotten myself a couple of new games as well for my laptop. I got the whole Overlord collection for about $4.50 (includes Overlord 1, 2, and the expansion) and Team Fortress 2. Having a blast playing with some other Backloggers on it. Hoping to play more in the near future. Beat Hazard is on sale today. I plan to get that before the end of the day since it’s only $2.50.

Naturally, I’ve been indulging into some music games and with the Japanese release of DJMAX Portable: Hot Tunes, I’ve been playing that a lot lately. Essentially the same as the American/European release DJ MAX Fever, but no 5B mode and no auto correct. Two bits of win in my book. Hot Tunes has a better song selection anyway.

As of about an hour ago, some new shelves got installed into my room, thanks to my dad. So I’ll have a new gaming rig set up along with all my games organized as well. Excited for this, but kinda not since it’s A LOT of stuff to organize. MY LAZINESS HAS FINALLY CAUGHT UP TO ME.

Well, as dead as this blog is, there’s still five other people in this blog. Ren, Sousuke, Rebel, Noi, Loco… Can I expect a post from you guys sometime this month? Could be about anything for all I care, I just wanna know if you guys still give a damn about this thing.


3 Responses to “Mach #78 – Boiling, but not melting.”


  2. I AM LAZY TOO and have been slightly busy with moving and unpacking and all that fun stuff [plus more!]…

    I’ll gladly make a post once I get my new PC set up [which comes in tomorrow!] even if it’s not all about gaming. But I’ll throw some of that in there just to be safe. šŸ˜€


    cept BTP :everyman:

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