Tales of Arcadia #1 – I just don’t get it.

I’m talking about any of the ranters. I’m talking about my job again.

There’s a lot of stupid people I run into, which is why I limit my interactions with other customers in an attempt to actually prevent myself from killing myself from people being just plain idiots. My little Tales of Arcadia segment is all about the recurring stupidity I see every time I go into my job.

The way the human mind works baffles me most of the time. I wonder how people function on a daily basis with the way they act sometimes when I’m working. The stuff they do or say is just STUPID sometimes.


  • I’m helping someone else at the moment. Just because you think you’re the shit, it won’t make me attend to you faster.

I mean, it couldn’t be more obvious enough that I’m helping out another customer by giving him change, right? You, the one with the quarter problem from the change machine. Let me finish with this customer than I’ll help you next. Don’t fucking do it while I’m in the middle of talking with another customer. God dammit.

  • If it’s broke, it’s broke. Removal of signs and tape aren’t going to cast Life on this thing.

Tape is there for a fucking reason. It’s to prevent you from using that coin slot and prevent you from asking me about getting a refund back from your stupidity. I seriously NEVER understood why people take them off. Do you honestly believe that if you take the sign off, it’s going to magically fucking work? No, it’s not. It’s still going to be busted if you take the sign off. IT DIDN’T CHANGE A DAMN THING. The same is applicable for signs as well. Especially, the “Coming Back Soon” or “Out of Order” sign. You must be illiterate to miss it. Seriously.

  • Do you plan to pay for any of those games any time soon?

It was probably earlier in the week. It happens on a bunch of times because people wanna think they’re “baller” or something… So they reach into the basketball machine grab a basketball and miss like LeBron James when he did that press conference moving down to the Southeast. A game is only 75c. If you think you’re baller enough, front up the 75c and actually play for the damn game. If not, you’re probably baller enough to own a basketball. This mall is right next to a town park. There’s like twelve fucking basketball hoops you could play ball at.

I think, as an employee, it pisses me off more when people think that it’s a great idea to take all the basketball from the two other machines and put them all into one, ONLY to get 45 points. Something you can easily accomplish with just three basketballs. It makes my job harder because some people will put tokens in only to find the machine is empty and I have to clean up after their mess of the basketballs. It’s not a good fucking idea.

  • There really are no words for this situation.

A couple of times, I’m left speechless from somethings that people do while they’re here playing games. It boils down to little kids most of the time and how they’re so carefree and stuff. But some shit they decide to do just baffles me beyond belief. #peoplebafflme

So it was yesterday (Sunday, 7/11/10), I’m just making my rounds around the arcade and avoiding doing my job. I suddenly turn to one of the basketball machines where I see this little child sitting in the little area where the balls are. I could only wonder how he got in there in the first place, but I wondered even more where his parents were to say something about it.

After asking him nicely myself, his dad comes around. We can only look at each other and sigh as it was a weird situation to begin with. Eventually, the dad commanded him to come out and then the child excitedly ran around the arcade.

What made it weirder was later on, this child started running around the arcade with no shoes on… Rather no Crocs on since that’s what was on his feet. As the child ran around like a hyena, his hat fell off and he didn’t even notice. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if all his clothes came off at that point.

Another weird moment happened today when it came down to the air hockey table. Children are pretty carefree about what goes on their mouth, but if I were a parent, if something was disgusting was touching their mouth, I would slap it out of their hands in a heartbeat and disinfect them immediately. The same outlook couldn’t be said for the mother of the child that seemed to be making out with the hockey puck.

Considering we don’t rotate the pucks all that often (I don’t even think we do), I can’t help but think how many germs manifest on that thing. It’s touched thousands of dirty hands, absorbed a lot, and flown into the cracks of the arcade that I probably haven’t seen before. Honestly, just look at this little girl putting her mouth on this puck made me want to puke. The mother didn’t really say anything, she was just wondering where she was half the time.

What topped off the cake for me is after they decided to start packing up and leaving, they just dropped it on the ground. Absolutely no considering of where the puck came from or the fact your child just left it on the floor. Not wanting to leave it there and leave people who wanted to play air hockey out in the cold, I asked them which machine they had gotten it from (we have three air hockey tables at the arcade I work at). What’s worse is that they didn’t remember and I was the one who had to put it back.

To the mother of that child and the child itself, fuck you. I hope someone does something inconsiderate to you as well.

Considering I’m working all week, I’ll probably have more stories. More repeat stories of the bullet points, just with a different anecdote attached.

Until then, later~


4 Responses to “Tales of Arcadia #1 – I just don’t get it.”

  1. people are stupid, therefore they are human.

  2. I fully sympathize with you, Derk. I ran into idiotic behavior like this all the time at my past two jobs and it further proves that humanity is filled with idiots. 😐

  3. Could be worse.

    You could work at Walmart.

  4. Welcome to New Jersey, how may I help you

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