Tales of Arcadia #2 – Who the hell do you think I am?

If there’s any one thing I like/hate about my job, it’s all the people who try to bullshit their way to either:

1. Reason with me.
2. Get inside the arcade after it’s closed.
3. Find a reason to stay inside the arcade after it’s closed.

I’ll break a couple of these down and just talk about some my recent and past experiences with these situations.

A lot of this is me ranting so, check it after the jump… It’s gonna be a doozy.

  • Who the hell are you trying to fool? Just because I don’t wear my staff shirt doesn’t mean I don’t work here.

Since I want to make sure that nothing at the arcade gets broken, I always keep a watchful eye on the arcade from the In The Groove 2 machine near the doors of the arcade itself. I suppose it’s a thing of mine that I don’t find you if you need help, you find me.

People usually have a lot of luck with that for some reason since they always seem to ask me first, “Hey, do you know someone that works here?”

If they find me, I usually have no choice but to help. Mainly because it’s my job, I don’t HAVE much of a choice. But a lot of these “Who are you trying to fool” situations usually arise when I start to close the arcade.

Take this past Saturday night (7/31/10) for instance. Since we were open at the time, I let these three teenage girls from the movie theater in. A good majority of the time, they were just lounging around the arcade. Since mall security doesn’t allow people to loiter outside the movie theater (which is right across from the arcade) a lot of them seek shelter in there. From the half-hour they were in there, they definitely didn’t do much Just a lot of lounging and at one point they were chasing each other around the arcade. I knew they were just gonna prevent me from leaving… So when two other patrons left, they were the only ones in there aside from the In The Groove regulars who stick around to chill with me.

I confronted them saying, “If you’re not gonna play anything, I have to kick you out. We’re starting to close up soon.”

One of the girls, completely dumbfounded that I was saying this to her replied, “Oh, you work here? Well, one of the machines messed up on us.”

After their “epic” chase, they were hanging around the 18 Wheeler Truck game pulling on the steering wheel like they were riding the dick of a guy during an epic moment of climax for whatever reason. They did plop some money in, but I know the game hasn’t had any problems lately, so they weren’t gonna bullshit their way out of this.

I simply replied back, “Yeah, I work here and you were chasing each other around the arcade. You aren’t going to play anything, so I have to ask you to leave.”

Kicking them out of the arcade I wished them a good evening and all that was left were ITG people.

I really don’t like people playing the dumb card. Yes, I work here, it’s not like I haven’t been paying attention to your movements while you were in here. It’s pretty much the teenage mall rat kind I hate being in the arcade anyway. What makes you better than me anyway? #peoplebaffleme

  • So what’s my manager’s name?

There’s been a bunch of times where I’ve seen mall rats try to get in the arcade even though the place is blatantly closed. One of the golden reasons I’ve heard is, “I know the manager, I’m cool with him.

Yeah, right. Unless you’re actually a regular here, you don’t know his name. The friend of mine who got me the job at the arcade has used this one a couple times and I haven’t had the graceful moment to use it yet.

“So if you know him, what’s his name?

Most of them don’t actually know. When they don’t respond, it usually follows the, “I thought so.” And then we see them go on their merry way to whatever person they plan to stab next in a dark back alley.

  • [ insert ridiculous reason to stay inside an arcade after the mall closes ]

We have weird hours for whatever reason my boss has. Mall closes at 9:30 PM Monday through Saturday and closes 7 PM on Sundays. We close at 9:30 PM Monday through Thursday, 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, and 7 PM on Sundays.

So during that 9:30 PM – 11 PM grace period, the rats come to fester in the lands of the area between the movie theater and the mall (Picture tour next entry, I promise.)  When security is out there, they come into the arcade to prevent jurisdiction from mall security and then they’re left in my hands to deal with. Thank god I don’t work Friday nights anymore, I don’t like talking to high school mall rats and I don’t give a shit what you’re saying to impress your friends.

Odds are, you’re gonna fail along with them and you’re never gonna see them again until you graduate. Cockwaggle or coochgrab now, it’s not gonna mean ANYTHING later in your life.

If I’m lucky, they’ll actually play a couple games and then leave on their own accord. If I’m unlucky, then they just lounge around on whatever machines have a chair and they just socialize with their friends. It ends up becoming loitering and then when I start to close up, they don’t want to leave. They bullshit some reason ranting off, “Oh, I was just about to play something.”

I end up keeping my eye on them for a while and then they continue to lounge there.

I’ve gotten better with kicking people out lately. Instead of waiting for them to leave to turn off all the machines, I usually just turn the machines off on them. I usually do it section by section though. If no one is playing anything on the racing wall, then that whole line shuts off. I do it piece by piece and usually leave the In The Groove 2 machine on since it’s right next to the door and people are usually playing it until the arcade actually closes.

It’s usually enough to make them leave, but I get the occasional group that even after everything is shut off they decide to just stand there and watch some of us play. Unless they have the notion to play the exact game they’re making fun of, I have to kick their butts out. They’re wasting my time and they’re usually not worth my business or the arcade’s business since you’re not giving this place any money to play games.

I suppose this job kinda makes me a misanthrope. For some odd reason, arcades really bring out the worst in some people. The parents that don’t care enough to watch their children, the idiotic people who don’t pay attention to signs or what’s happening on the screen, the people who think it’s the cool thing to do to make fun of people playing a certain game…

Ugh, I don’t know… Ranting about how people piss me off is another entry in itself… I guess that’s enough for now… This probably has to be the longest entry I’ve typed in a while…

Until then, later~


2 Responses to “Tales of Arcadia #2 – Who the hell do you think I am?”

  1. “I know the manager, I’m cool with him.“

    This makes no god damn sense in any regard. Assuming they are cool with the manager, the manager isn’t there to let them in, you are, and it’s your time they’re wasting. You’re the one closing up, they have to be cool with you. And if you did let them in, that’s extra time on the clock watching them you’d be there. And I’m sure all that extra payroll expense won’t look good for the manager, and letting employees stay beyond hours leaves things very open to abuse for employees and would be an incredibly poor management decision. Yes, this statement would by no means make any lick of sense for getting these kids what they want.

    Also yeah, people in general are dumb. For some reason there seems to be some common thought these days that, at any place of business that allows children, the employees also double as cheap babysitters who take responsibility while the parents can scratch their ass or leave for an unspecified period of time. It’s not just arcades either, I see it everywhere, and I feel like slapping people for it.

  2. If there’s one group of people that I’ve come to hate more and more it definitely has to be the teenage/high school group. Full of themselves, a complete absence of common sense and they’re immature fucks.

    Sucks that you have to deal with so many of them on top of the weird hours and the irresponsible parents. It’s like the second hit to a sucker punch and you should be given a cattle prod to get rid of these irritating young bastards.

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