Technika Tap-Tap #1 – Randomizer Chronicles #1 – Divine Service

Wow, for once, no angry Kiba face.

I figured I spend enough of my life playing this game to chronicle the stuff that happens as well as the arcade happenings and stuff.

For those of you who don’t know what DJMAX Technika is, it’s a game developed by Pentavision and distributed in the US by PM Studios. If I recall correctly, it was one of the first fully touch screen games available in the arcades. Featuring several songs from Portable 1, Portable 2, Clazziquai Edition, and Black Square the game itself features a strong soundtrack and endless amounts of entertainment.

The game’s online connectivity allows the game to be further expanded on featuring the Platinum Crew Mission Mode as well as Weekly and Monthly charts made available each week and month. Platinum Crew also features a live leaderboard that records scores from the game’s normal Pop Mode for each individual song and Technical Courses for each course available.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, I play a lot of Randomizer. A course available in Technical Mode that presents you with four random songs available in the game. It’s almost a proven fact that I normally never get a good set. Here’s the ones I played today. Most of the Technika people I redirect this too will probably understand this more. In short, image dump for me with short explanations.

More after the jump, yo.
Monday, September 13th


Set 1: Divine Service > Melody > BlythE > Your Own Miracle

This could’ve been a good set. Then Your Own Miracle happened. And I flipped a shit. Also, this would start the beginning of a number of times I played Divine Service in about an hour’s time.

Set 2: Divine Service > Forever > First Kiss > The Last Dance

This would be the only time I would S Divine Service all day. Also, I would see First Kiss and The Last Dance again as well.

Set 3: Enemy Storm > Ruti'n > Ladymade Star > WhiteBlue

The only unique set I would have all day. Terrible score wise, but ironic that I get Ladymade Star. I took a break for a sandwich shortly after this set. Readymade Sandwich for the win~

Set 4: PDM > Divine Service > Divine Service > Oblivion

I hate Divine Service. I get this song so many times playing Randomizer.

Set 5: Honeymoon > Play the FUTURE > HEXAD > The Last Dance

This would’ve been a good set if it wasn’t for the first two songs. Also, The Last Dance last again. lol

Set 6: HEXAD > First Kiss > SuperSonic > miles

Whee~ SP Chart set. All of them. Monthly 4, Monthly 1, Monthly 2, and Monthly 5. This would’ve been a great set if it weren’t for First Kiss.

Final Set: Fate > SuperSonic > Cherokee > Y

This would also mark my new high scoring set for myself. lawl that I proceeded to get two more SP charts after the last one. Also, I don’t know what it is about Y, but I could never Perfect Play that song.

Until the next time I decide to blow $12 into this game again.

Until then, later~


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