Mach #81 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 3

Well, trucking right along, I should probably stop wasting time with an introduction and just get to a post.

However, there’s a couple problems with that.

Small width space to work with and I use an avatar to signify I’m the one posting on this blog.

Why should I bother doing that when I’m the only one that posts? I dunno.

Anyway, enough space killed. Let’s move on!

[ day three – a game that is underrated ]

Now, I had some difficulty with this one. I couldn’t really think of what I considered underrated out of my collection from what I’ve played. Sadly, this was the only game I could think of.

This game isn’t mentioned much on the Backloggery as far as I know, but I’ve been a fan of the two Digimon World games on the DS. A bunch of Digimon at your disposal to have on your team and unlimited possibilities for raising an awesome team. The game had some pretty nice sprite work and the game was a pretty run-of-the-mill RPG. The Ranch aspect of this made it pretty unique. I can’t say the story was superb, but it was enough to tell one throughout the whole game. What made it pretty cool was that there were some cameos from the Digimon Savers (Data Squad) characters as well.

I think it was just my general interest in the Digimon series that gave me interest to play the first one and this afterwards. It was released sometime before Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but it was enough to hold my interest from there. I loved most of the Digimon that were featured and the game definitely showed how fucked up the Digivolution lines were.

Either way, an enjoyable experience and you’re bound to see a couple of recognizable characters if you’ve watched the series at all.

Until then, later~


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