Mach #82 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 4

So we’re into day four. Nice little motivational thing to keep me posting.

I do like that I’ve been getting a couple of views here and there and I’ve been able to talk about stuff to further let my fellow gamers here and there get to know me a little better and my gaming interests.

Being quick about it, it’s time for day four!

[ day four – your guilty pleasure game ]

This one was an obvious choice.

For years, this game has been a staple game for me. Given me infinite amounts of fun, pleasure, and a good repertoire of music for me to listen for ages. I do contribute this game to be a huge part of my life for me. Through it, I’ve met a lot of friends that I would never trade for the world and it’s given me countless amounts of exercise that just hasn’t seemed to work over the years.

Although, I do have to admit, this game has given me beastly calf muscles~

Otherwise, love this game, love the music, will forever be a fan of this, and one day I lose weight from it.

Until then, later~


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