Mach #83 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 5

Whoops, forgot to update yesterday.

Guess that’s what happens when your morning is run with helping your family out, then your afternoon is riddled with a class that got canceled, but you forgot about.

But your day was suddenly made up because you got to see your advisor and wiggled your way into making a potential $80, but the only thing stopping you was having a decent screwdriver on your hands. No matter, though. You own a Swiss army knife. You just gotta bring that with you today.

And your school has bitchin’ pasta, so your day was good enough anyway.

Anyway, let’s sub up for Day 5 and get that rolling.

[ day five – character you wish you were (or are most like) ]

I’ll leave it up to your imagination for which of the two I chose.

Oh hey, it's you again.

So, no surprises here. Mr. Vakarian is the choice here. In short, he fights for what he believes in and in one way or another, gets it done. Even if it’s not the most convenient of ways. As much as has the potential to lead, it’s always suppressed for someone who will make a better decision in the end. Even if it’s walking into hell, he’ll follow that choice.

I suppose, like him, I’m one of those idiots who would want to change the world around me. Even if it means going elsewhere to do it.

Eh, hopefully, I’ll be able to make that difference somehow.

Anyway, I’ll get Day 6 up later tonight to make up for me missing a day.

Until then, later~


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