Mach #87 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 9

It’s another day

For 30 days of gaming

How bout dem haiku?

And that’s four lines. Let’s get crackin’

[ day nine – saddest game scene ]

Has there ever been a scene that’s been a real tear jerker for me? Honestly, I don’t remember. My memory kinda sucks like that. If I honestly had to choose one though? It actually looks like I’m gonna have to cop out on this one and choose an anime gone game. So spoilers after the jump. Those who actually pay attention to this series might not wanna know?
Honestly, it was two scenes for me. Both involving characters I actually liked in the Naruto series. Since they appeared in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2, I guess it counts. Copping out, but it counts.

Since I couldn’t find any game shots from this one, I’ll use the anime pictures. I know, I’m copping out here.

I was actually legitimately sad when Asuma and Jiraya passed away. Dying to protect their village. Made my eyes water a bit. Seriously, why couldn’t a character I actually don’t give a shit about die or something? These two were awesome.

Until then, later~



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