Mach #88 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 10

So another four lines.

Here’s line two.

Here’s line three.

Here’s line four.

There we go, let’s get moving with this before I run out of time for the day?

[ day ten – best gameplay ]

So have I actually payed attention to many games and really thought about intensely good gameplay? No, I suppose that I’m one of those people who play for the joy of actually playing a game instead of actually playing to pay attention to minuscule details about how a game plays. Regardless, there was one game I noticed that made my me playing it a lot better.

Say hello to this game for like the fifth time.

This game makes it hard to go back to the first one. There were a lot of fixes from the first one like smoother controls, better commands for controlling your character. Even simple things like taking cover behind objects became a lot easier. Compared to Mass Effect 1, it was a lot more tolerable to play. There were just so many broken mechanics about the first game, it actually made me put it off for a while.

Mainly because of the Mako. That mother fucking Mako

Either way, there really wasn’t a time where I didn’t think the controls didn’t flow smoothly. Everything (mostly) responded the way I want to and there was enough action in-game to keep me engaged.

Until then, later~



2 Responses to “Mach #88 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 10”

  1. admit your secret love for the Mako

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