Mach #89 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 11

Fuck, I’m already behind as is.

Might as well start catching up now.

You know, before I start shrugging this whole thing off completely.

Can’t let that happen, right?

Anyway, let’s start making up for what I missed.

[ day eleven – gaming system of choice ]

This one is actually pretty easy. As much as I like the Playstation 2 and what it’s offered me for years now, I had to choose this for a couple more reasons.

This system has done a lot for me. HD gaming, connecting me with friends, and giving me a system so I could play as Garrus… Well, not play as, but you get the idea. There’s just so much more on here than I could’ve ever asked for. A system to watch movies on the fly, play games with friends from my neighborhood and around the world, and even download some classic games that I loved from previous systems.

It just offers a lot and connects me with people I give a damn about. The 360 gets my love.

Until then, later~


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