Mach #90 – 30 Days of Gaming – Day 12

Here’s the next day I’m catching up on.

More stuff to rant about.

I should probably plug avatars in later.

Yeah, I should do that.

[ day twelve – a game everyone should play ]

A game everyone sh0uld play, huh? The obvious choice here is Dance Dance Revolution. However, I’ll go in a slightly different direction for this one.

Note: At 1:44, those boobs have a mind of their own.

Anyway, I’ll go with the DJMAX Series. A lesser known music game with some limited exposure here in the US. It was first released here as DJMAX Fever and then in a limited release, DJMAX Portable 3. There have been several iterations of the game elsewhere around Korea. Two online games (DJMAX Online and DJMAX Trilogy), several PSP games (Portable 1, Portable 2, Clazziquai Edition, Black Square, and Hot Tunes [for Japan]).

This game pretty much plays like Konami’s beatmania. Hit the note in time correctly in the song, and the keysound will play the appropriate music. It’s more about the songs in this that really make the game though. The quality of the music is just superb. Even the licensed tracks that pretty much the whole Clazziquai Edition was based off of has a bunch of great music to listen to.

Until then, later~


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