About The Ranters

This blog rose from the ashes and was revived as a site to rant about the stuff we do in our gaming lives as well as anything else we pretty much feel like ranting about. You obviously took enough time to click the link to see what this was, so you might as well learn a little bit about who rants on Disc Read Error: Insert Disc 2.

Mach (Blog Co-Founder / Angry Bastard) – NJ

I’m responsible for the Disc Read Error part of the blog’s name. It used to be the name of my crappy little review comic that was supposed to be styled like Fireball20xl’s 1019 (It’s a webcomic portal. Read the comics there. They make me lawl).

This blog really started last year around my Freshman year of college on October 6, 2007. I guess it was an excuse to make something out of nothing and make this successful anime and gaming blog. That obviously didn’t happen. I believe the blog originally died about two months before the Super Smash Bros. Brawl release in the US and I had pretty much kept that up to date in here until I got lazy.

Inspiration to revive this thing was all because of the Backloggery. I had seen that many people had posted up their blogs in the RSS feed. Also, I had a lot to say about all the games I was playing and didn’t really have a place to put it. I figured, screw the news site, let’s just do a ranting blog. That’s a hell of a lot easier AND I don’t have to update all the time by myself.

I’ve been playing video games since I was about 5 years old been gaming strong for about 14 years now. If I’m not playing some platformer or RPG on a console or my DS, you’ll probably find me at an arcade playing Dance Dance Revolution or In The Groove 2. I have a lot to say about the music game genre as well as everything else.

Ren (Blog Co-Founder / Whorebag) – NY

I am Ren. I’m responsible for the Insert Disc 2 part of the blog title, although people generally just call it DRE. What a loss for me, right?

In July 2009, I revealed to the internet community that I was a girl named Cassandra rather than a 24-year old man named Tenks. I posed as a male for about six or seven years. I broke some people’s hearts, enraged others — even now, I still feel pretty bad about lying. Some people called me, “the greatest troll ever,” though that wasn’t exactly my intention. But! This does give me the opportunity to reveal my “real” and legit past regarding video games.

Let’s see… it was really my cousins that introduced me and sucked me into video games. I can’t remember when, but I remember my brother got the SNES when it came out — for his birthday. I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember, basically. The SNES was my real introduction to gaming, with games like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Super Mario World, etc.

I’m pretty much a tomboy. Not much else to say.

Rebellion (Blog Ranter / Faggot) – ON

I’m Rebellion, and… I play video games. Okay, okay…  So, I’m on this blog, because one day, Len came up to me and asked “Hey, do you want to rant on DRE?”.  I said that I’d mostly be reviewing, and he said that was fine.  I don’t have as much of a history on this blog as Mach and Len, but hey!  That doesn’t mean anything, right? O_O

Nobody really got me into video games.  I was born with my brother’s NES, and I played that until I was about 8.  Gaming has pretty much been most of my life.  Especially platforms.  Oh, platformers.  Well, actually, I’m more of a JRPG fan than a platformer fan, although most people wouldn’t recognize me as one the first time I speak to them.

I have a lot of things to say about most of the games I play, although I don’t rant a lot.  I beat about half the games I play, and I have a feeling it’s going to remain like that for a long time.  I have the tendency to quit playing games at the end of the game.  Anyways, I’m done here; and have fun gaming, guys.

Sousuke (Blog Ranter / Extraordinaire) – ON

Yeah, I’m here too! You may [or may not] know me as Yggdrasilly from the Backloggery. Like most others here, I’m an anime and gaming fanatic. In a blog like this one, how could you not be?

In any case, I was just lurking around the Backloggery and found that Mach and Len had started this place up. I met Mach on another forum, but hadn’t really spoken to Len yet, aside from comments on the Backlog. I had been wanting to start up a bit of a blog myself, but was really enjoying DRE, so I up and asked Mach to join. Not even a day later, I had my first post up! I think Rebel and I pretty much joined at the same time, more or less.

As for my gaming roots, I was BORN with a controller in my hands. Well, I kid–I’ve been gaming since the tender age of… 4? I don’t exactly remember. I just remember getting a NES and Super Mario Bros. 3 for Christmas the year it came out, and playing the hell out it. 😀 I had played games before, here and there, but didn’t have my own until then. SINCE then, I’ve owned pretty much all of Nintendo’s major systems and handhelds–I even had a Virtual Boy at one point. Yeah, I was a Nintendo kid–as much as I wanted the SEGA systems for Sonic, it just didn’t happen. I didn’t even own a Playstation until the PSone was released. I also own a PS2 and an X360, as [let’s admit] the Wii [as fun as it is,] just doesn’t quite stand up to the ‘next-gen’ reputation that the rest do.

I’m mostly into jRPGs, but will often delve into other genres to get a bit of a break. The one that I don’t really enjoy is the sports game genre. Not exactly sure why. I’m not really sure what else to put in here, lest it turn into an actual rant… So that’s me. See you on the blog!

Noi (Blog Ranter / Streaming Monster) – PR

Born July 25, 1989 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Noi was almost given a completely freakish name as a result of being born in the same date as a national holiday. Thankfully, he was instead called “Gerry”, after his bastard father’s nickname, much to his own relief once he found out 15 years later. How he got the online name “Noi”, however, is a story for another day.

Wikipedia-type story aside, the name’s Noi. Some people call me a weaboo, but I wouldn’t say I’ve gone off the deep end, so I’m just your regular game otaku. Hell, I haven’t even seen a recent anime in months, though I splurge on manga every month. My very first console was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, along with Super Mario World, which is to date one of my all-time favorite games. It wasn’t until around 1997 when one of my cousins loaned me his copy of Final Fantasy VII, claming how it was “too hard and confusing for him”. To this day, I blame him for sending my on the downard spiral that are JRPGs. I currently on at least 50 of ’em, with more than half unfinished. I have a bad habit of starting them up and just… moving on to another game.

As for Anime/Manga, my choices mostly lie in comedy to the lines of So Long Mister Despair or Welcome to the NHK! I dispise chibi-styled characters with a passion, which seems to be all the rage right now (I’m looking at YOU Makademi Wasshoi), so I tend to just stick to older stuff. I do enjoy the occasional shonen anime/manga, but only as long as they don’t stretch beyond 50 episodes, don’t have a million filler scenes, so on and so on. So far the only ones that have fit the bill are G Gundam and Busou Renkin, making them my favorite shonen anime.

Well, whatever, that’s enough about me. You can usually catch me streaming on my Justin.tv channel, as well as on my Backloggery. Later!


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