Random Questions

So what’s this section all about?

From time to time, I’ll actually be asking random questions to the other ranters here.  You know, just to get to know the people here a little bit more… And I guess I’m just trying to kill a little bit of time.

So I’ll be linking to this section whenever I have a new question that I want the ranters to updated on and stuff.

Hope you all enjoy this and stuff~

Q1: So what’s the history of your username(s)?

Mach (Blog Co-Founder / Angry Bastard) – NJ

If you were expecting a “lawl furry” thing to pop out from where I got ANY of my usernames, you’re partially right. Mach spouted from my anime addiction back in 2007 when I was watching Digimon Savers (or Digimon Data Squad here in the US). If anyone has seen the series, you would immediately know where I got my name from:



Honestly, one of my favorite Digimon of all time. I talked to Ren back then about just making our names different from what we normally use, so this was the only thing I could think of at the time. However, what I didn’t expect was for this name to stick like it did. It’s not like I don’t like being called Mach, it’s just weird being called that when I have all my other online aliases as well.

Which brings me to my other names… Derkomai is another one of the names I use. There’s not much of an elaborate history behind this name, but using this name goes back to my days of going on Neopets.com. A friend of mine back in the day, linked me to a website called Derkomai’s Domain. Mainly, it had the answers to all the daily crosswords that would help me get some NeoPoints. I ended up taking a liking to the name Derkomai and eventually started to use it myself. The rest, I suppose, is just history from there.

Another name I go by is Chaotic. A name I don’t use too often these days… Mainly because of how common of a user name it is. This one spawned off another anime though. Originally, the full username used to be Chaotic Century. If you’ve watched anime, you probably know this comes from Zoids in that specific arc of the same name. It was eventually shortened down to Chaotic after the board I first used this on got wiped and we all had to re-register. So if Ren ever calls me Chao in a chat, this is where it comes from. I used this name on the board I met her at.

That seems to be it for me…

Ren (Blog Co-Founder / Whorebag) – NY

My username isn’t very original. If you’ve got the idea “loldbz” in your head, you’ve hit the nail with the hammer. I pretty much only run by two aliases. Tenks and Len/Ren. One for blogging, one for everything else. I believe Chao’s idea originally was to run the blog with aliases that no one knew us as, therefore, they could never guess who Mach and Len were. That’s how it went on our forum, anyway. But, they eventually figured it out.. we probably made it bitterly obvious.. either way, now it doesn’t really matter.

Tenks came from my love of Dragon Ball Z… Gotenks. Huurr, you’ve guessed it. I just liked the idea of “Tenks“.. I started using it when I was a member of BYOND.. I would avidly join those icon chat games and just waltz on in with some DBZ-oriented name. Hah, I remember using “Trunten” a lot. God, I was lame. My username on BYOND was Vegita3001. Get the connection? I’m sure you do. So.. while I was still Tenks [the guy whom everyone thought was 24] .. I would just say “Oh, I was born in Japan (although, I’m not Japanese) and my mother loved DBZ, so she named me after Gotenks.”.. what a story. I’m surprised some people actually bought it. I’m such an asshole. Anyway, that was my alias for about 6 years, so yeah, pretty much stuck with it.

As for Len, well, I got that alias from the anime La Corda D’oro Primo Passo.. from the character, Tsukimori Len. He’s rather cold.. quite the emo type. But for some reason, I absolutely adored his character, so I just decided to adopt that name. Adopt and adapt, what I do best. I recently changed it to Ren after revealing to everyone that I was in fact, a girl. Just changed the L to R, no big deal, really. Technically, there isn’t an L in the Japanese language.. they don’t pronounce it, but rather pronounce anything with an L, as an R.. so it really makes no difference. Besides, my middle name is Rena.

Quite fitting, don’t you think?asdasda

Q2: So what’s your reason this time for not updating the blog?

Mach (Blog Co-Founder / Angry Bastard) – NJ

Mainly, because I don’t think I ever have anything interesting to write about. While I did make this whole blog for the reason of reaching a personal level with the ranters here, I’m not exactly sure how interested people are when it comes to me ranting about how I never beat games and stuff. I mean, my life can’t be THAT interesting yet, somehow, I continue to rant about it from time to time.

Plus, it’s kinda weird for me. As a person who wants to go into Journalism, I have doubts about my own writing skill. If I write a review, are people going to be interested in what I have to say about the game? On top of that, do I even write things out correctly to make myself even sound remotely professional about it? Plus, am I covering everything that I need to cover? Do I sound like an idiot talking about this? I don’t even know…

I suppose when you say your biggest critic is yourself, they weren’t kidding.

Q: So what’s the history of your username(s)?

If you were expecting a “lawl furry” thing to pop out from where I got ANY of my usernames, you’re partially right. Mach spouted from my anime addiction back in 2007 when I was watching Digimon Savers (or Digimon Data Squad here in the US). If anyone has seen the series, you would immediately know where I got my name from:


5 Responses to “Random Questions”

  1. […] of you who MIGHT’VE noticed it, I added another page to the About Us page. Simply called Random Questions. Every so often, I (or someone else) could toss a random question for the rest of us to answer. I […]

  2. mokujinjitsu Says:

    I enjoyed this post. I love learning the histories behind people’s names. Most don’t just choose them randomly.

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