Mach Reviews

Repede Limit contains reviews by Mach which are spoiler-free unless specified otherwise. Each general area of the game is touched upon in a random order and the review concludes with a letter-based score from the Beatmania scoring system. In this system there are eight possible ranks: E (Failure), D (Greater than 6.0), C (7.0-7.4), B (7.5-7.9), A (8.0 -8.9), AA (9.0-9.4), AAA (9.5-9.9), and a golden AAA (Perfect 10).

(SNES) Kirby’s Dream Land 3
(SNES) Tetris Attack
(Unrelated) Katsucon15 [February 13-15]
(Unrelated) funfuzion @ New Roc City, NY [April 30th, 2009]
(Unrelated) Katsucon 16 [February 12-14]


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