The Error Report

Back in 2007, trying to be part of the whole blog wave, two individuals decided to band together and try to make something out of nothing. Unfortunately, the idea crashed hard, but eventually became something else. Perhaps something better than either had anticipated.

version zero: the beginning

Theme Active: September 2007 – March 2008
Active Ranters: Mach and Ren

Mach – This was a rather odd time in the blog. Probably because at the time, I was so caught up in trying to make this blog huge, starting with a simple message board. Too bad that it didn’t go as far as I had anticipated. I ended up doing regular gaming news, crediting different sites I was reading at the time and doing a daily/weekly Brawl thing since that was the huge thing during the time. At the time, I think that’s what got us the most views. We haven’t exceeded our record of 333 views… Ever.

Dammit. It eventually died out and I pretty much shoved the blog aside for a good while. Nothing really exciting happened during this time.

Ren – This was something Mach approached me with, asking me if I’d like to rant my heart away. I thought it was a wonderful idea — since I am a generally angry person and I have fun flaming everything that reminds me of crap. I like ranting more about things that are terrible, rather than things that make my heart flutter. Today, it’s quite the contrary. It’s wonderful what a year has brought us.

All of the posts we made back then have been annihilated.. but back then, we just ranted about life, the games we were playing at the time, a few anime episodes (stuff that was currently airing), and I remember reviewing an H-Game — which I still play today. He made the “rant banners,” that are displayed just above this and I made the site banner, though I can’t quite remember what it was. I believe it was Phoenix Wright and later — a Hidamari Sketch banner for the Christmas spirit that stayed until March and even after that.

I eventually lost motivation and interest in this and unfortunately left Mach to handle this on his own. I had indefinitely quit. In the end, it was all about Super Smash Bros. Brawl updates (until the release) that this blog had going for it before it got buried, neglected, and abandoned.

version one: vesperia revival

Theme Active: September 2008 – January 2009
Active Ranters – Mach, Ren, Rebel, Sousuke, Dan and Spectro

Mach – Where do I even begin with this? It was around that time when the Backloggery got RSS feeds for each page. When people started posting their own blogs I thought to myself, “I have a blog… Maybe I could do something with this.” I decided to ask Ren again if she was interested in this again. If I’m not mistaken, it was also the time that Tales of Vesperia came out. Running off our old rant banner idea, we decided to roll with that as our theme. If it made it any easier for us, we knew they had skit faces as well. I thought it would be cool to be able to use their expressions to go and represent how we’re feeling at the time. We wrangled up what we could as far as the avatars went and then we just started to roll.

It was also the time we got a good majority of our core members. Reb joined us on the September 22nd posting his length entries. Two days later, Sosuke joins us, Dan joined us on October 5th, and Spectro joined us on November 15th. It went pretty well during this time. The blog flourished, and so did many others on the Backloggery Blogroll. They also seemed to be inspired by our avatar idea. x__x

Ren – Ahh, I remember this. I really had no idea about the blog boom on the Backloggery — so I wasn’t exactly inspired by that, though I was an active member of it at the time. This basically was revived through a lousy day at school (the first day!) and a second approach from Mach. I quickly accepted the proposition to revive the blog.

Tales of Vesperia had come out a few weeks earlier and of course, I was in love with it. The idea of a Tales theme ALONE was enough to encourage me. So I worked on a banner and together, Mach and I created the theme. We eventually gathered members, as he stated — and we were booming once again.

version two: personaified

Theme Active: January 2009 – May 2009
Active Ranters: Mach, Ren, Rebel, Sousuke, Noi, Spectro, Arc and Dan
Deactivated Ranters: Dan

Mach – As convenient as it was, we decided to pop the new theme in shortly after the New Year. Persona 4 was at a nice high at the time, and once again, we could run off the avatar ideas. But instead of restricting ourselves to just ONE version of the game, we decided to roll with Persona 3 as well. Activity was still flowing along pretty nicely, but it was around that time that Dan also felt the blog was getting too big. Which in turn, he decided to leave us and start Board the Platforms with some of the other Backloggery members. However, prior to Dan’s departure, Noi had joined the party but being kinda like Kain from Final Fantasy IV was also signed on with Slaves to the Grind. I do appreciate that he was more active over here though. Considering that there were a bunch of cool people at the nice, but simplistic, SttG, he decided to stick around with us. I appreciate that. I really do. Arc also decided to join us after some conflict at BtP.

This theme didn’t last nearly as long as our other theme, but I actually feel it’s a pity we didn’t do more with the theme. Sousuke was kind enough to transfer his Custom CSS from the blog he was about to start and bring it over to DRE.  All we did was change the banner according as well as change some of the text to a yellow color to match Persona 4. Oh well, we’ve moved on since then. Overall, I liked this theme a lot.

Ren – I liked this theme a lot too. As soon as the theme of Persona was suggested, I hauled right for Yosuke because I loved his character (though I wasn’t into P4 at the time). This is actually the theme in which I did not contribute a thing for once. 😛 It was also the theme where DRE was booming with activity (and I wasn’t) — it was great.

version three – geared overload

Theme Active: May 2009 – January 2010
Active Ranters: Mach, Ren, Rebel, Sousuke, Noi, Spectro, and Arc
NPCs – Nana, Loco, Kasumi
Deactivated Ranters: Spectro, Arc, and Nana

Mach – If I thought the last theme was a bit odd in this blog’s history. I was wrong. Typing out everything, I never realized how overcrowded we were at the time. We eventually lost Arc due to the same reason Dan had when he left us originally. We kinda asked Spectro to step down since he wasn’t really posting much at the time, and Nana, a friend of Ren, posted once, and then we just decided to drop her. Kasumi on the other hand, was supposed to join us, but when Press X to Win went through a revival becoming an all :girls: blog, she decided to go with them instead. I don’t really have much of a problem with that, but I suppose at the time, I was desperate. Loco was supposed to help us with our new theme as well, but with life just happening to all of us, we had to put the new theme on hold. He was free to post whenever, but never did. I eventually learned that he thought this was supposed to be a review blog, but that’s honestly the last thing I expect people to post. x__x

Considering that Summer was rolling around for many of us, we just got lazy. I had the hope that bringing some people in might spark up activity, but that really didn’t help much either, regardless, the whole Backloggery Blogroll kinda died down anyway, so I suppose I was worrying about nothing. After this theme, we were eventually left with what you see now.

As for the actual theme, this is probably one of our nicer ones since we took full advantage of our Custom CSS.

Ren – This was my favorite theme. Chris or Linkman from BttP really helped us out with the colors for the Custom CSS. It was actually a very aggravating theme for me considering I pretty much worked on it myself. There were a bajillion sprites for each character from Guilty Gear and as Mach stated earlier — we were immensly overcrowded, with people joining, being dropped, leaving, etc. I ended up working on at least 12 characters. At least I can say that the theme was very fluid and variant — but alas, the summer brought upon our laziness and as usual, life got in the way. This theme was great, though.

version four – the legend lives on

Theme Active: January 2010 – Present
Active Ranters: Mach, Ren, Rebel, Sousuke, Noi, and Loco

Mach – So here we are now. About two years later and I’m still just ranting about everything that comes to mind. I’ve come to realize, we’re probably not going to be as active as we once were, but I’m perfectly fine with that. We all have life to deal with and some of us are just lazy. Unfortunately at the moment, we’re still Custom CSS-less, so I gotta wrangle up some cash and get ourselves back on track.

It’s still to early to see what happens now, so for now, I’ll just leave this open for updating when history happens.

Ren – Yes, here we are. I’m pleased with this theme. It’s rather simplistic, but that’s cool. Still avatars and no footers for once? Oh man! Hopefully with a new theme, our motivation will be renewed as well. Can’t wait to go green with that Custom CSS, though!


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